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I'm one of the least patriotic people you can EVER meet. I love to travel... not surprising if you think about it! There's not much to me really and I am awful at these things...
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  1. 09/23/08

    Thanks hun, i am very interested in this case and if i can help out in anyway or shed a little light on various subjects then i try my best to do just that
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    Reply from heymrchaos:

    can I ask your opinion on Byers? It's only since I came onto these message boards that I'd even heard that people were thinking of him as an alright guy. I'm aware there's no DNA evidence and he is a supporter now... Do you know any other reasons why people might have been dettered by thinking he had anything to do with it? I'm really interested in this but nobody seems interested or has anything to say on it. (And i'm too scared to ask him personally)

Places to visit before you turn 100

Well, one of those places was Canada. And now my aim is to get BACK there and become a citizen and live the difficult but lving life I long for with my girlfriend.

So instead, I'd say Japan is top of my list.

01. image TOKYO seeing the sites
02. image REYKJAVIK checking out the beautiful landscape
03. image HEMSEDAL I'd like to snowboard
04. image HELSINKI always had a wierd need to visit
05. image STOKHOLME same as finland
06. image COPENHAGEN same as finland and sweden
07. image NUUK i've flown over the country and it looks gorgeous
08. image DUBLIN beautiful country
09. image SAN MARTIN DE LOS ANDRES snowboarding please
10. image anywhere in the AMAZON because that's an accomplishment

I'll add more...
This list would include more countries but I travel as much as I can.